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Pets Belong In Good Homes

It really is that simple. All Paws On Deck Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization (reg. # 84-2395252) founded in 2019 to help bring relief to the thousands of animals in our Central Florida and the Southeast communities in need of a good home. Our 100% volunteer- based organization takes in dogs and cats with disease, illness, trauma and injury, and invests in their recovery before placing healthy animals into environments for loving, safe and comfortable lives. This care includes bathing, grooming, treatment for illness & injury, as well as low cost spay and neuter surgeries. Upon adoption we lovingly wish them Bon Voyage and Safe Travels knowing they will be forever loved and safe in their forever homes (or boats)!


Support our mission by donating, volunteering, or adopting one of our lovely 4-legged treasures.

Our Team

Lauren Hamner

Founder & Director.  Big heart. Strangely good as SNL "Tiny Hands" impersonator.


Director and Foster. Fosters with the assistance of Puppy (pictured) and a few other friends.  


Officer and Foster. Doggie fan-favorite - we suspect Puppuccino incentives (bribes).


Admiral.  Perks: fed-first, preferential couch-seating and surrogate puppy parenting.


Official Taste Tester and Foster Puppy Favorite.  Motto is "Kittens are scary".

Our Team
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