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All Paws On Deck Animal Rescue takes in dogs and cats with disease, illness, trauma and injury, and invests in their recovery, with the ultimate goal of placing healthy animals into environments for loving, safe and comfortable lives.  


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Your Support Goes a Long Way.

Where Your Money Goes

We are 100% volunteer based which means every donated dollar directly supports the health, wellbeing and livelihood of animals in need. Funding provides dozens of cats and dogs with:

Temporary Housing
Surgical Treatment
Placement Opportunities

Help Animals like Popeye

Popeye comes to us with some severe spinal issues, debilitating to his function. Had we not found Popeye, he would likely not be alive today. Popeye is one of our many animals in need of medical intervention.

Your donations help animals like Popeye find futures they otherwise won't have.

Popeye is just one of many animals receiving our attention. Would you like to meet the animals whose lives your transforming? They would love to meet you. Call or email (info below) to coordinate a visit with our team.

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